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Our Partners

Expert rehabilitation, care, and support are the hallmarks of our work at Eisenhower Center. To our dedicated staff, being a professional doesn’t mean standing back in a white coat writing orders in a chart. At the Center, you’ll see some of our most talented and experienced rehabilitation professionals on their knees helping someone who needs an extra hand to finish a task. Person-centered care is a core value at Eisenhower Center.

We work hard to create a positive environment for our clients and staff. Uniquely, Eisenhower Center is an employee-owned company. The Center’s culture of ownership embodies our commitment to the people we serve today and into the future.

What makes work so meaningful for the staff at Eisenhower Center? Every day, we witness small miracles among the people we serve: a client takes the bus independently for the first time, or makes the first attempt to walk without assistance. Victories are ahead for each client - achievements that are well within reach, but challenging just the same.

Solar drills holes! Thousands of chime rod holes are drilled annually by a local resident, who is "off the grid." A a series of solar panels power his home and the equipment he uses for working for us. Also, he has a recycling company.

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