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"I don’t have a record of when I started carrying the solar chimes, but I was in line at the Philadelphia show, maybe 10 years ago and knew at once they would be a best seller and the solar chimes are just that. I could not believe the demand in my little community and surrounding area. The chime was a big boost for my business. Sunblossom Solar Gifts has the best customer service I could ask for. Never a delay in shipping or returning phone calls for whatever reason. I’ve passed on my satisfaction with other retailers as to what a wonderful addition Sunblossom Solar Gifts is to my Made in USA craft business.” -- Sally Gibson, Yarborough Square

"Thanks for asking me to endorse the Solar Chimes, which I am delighted to do. I have carried Sunblossom Solar Chimes in my gallery for over 12 years and they are one of the best sellers at Unique Expressions with my customers. The customer service I receive from this artist is exceptional." -- Karen Hildebrandt, owner of Unique Expressions

"Bonnie’s innovative creation of solar works was truly unique to the American Artisan world and way ahead of its time. We have carried the solar wind chimes and Soul Mates for over 10 years. We love to watch customers try and figure out how they are working! They still bring amazement and sales! A wonderful gift that brings joy in the home.” -- Nancy Markoe of Nancy Markoe Gallery

"Thanks so much for the quick response and the superior backing of your product. It’s so refreshing to work with companies that support their customers, while producing quality products. My hats off to you and your staff.” -- Jeff C

"The more stress there is in the world, the more your items are needed.” -- D. McGuire

"Thank you so much for taking care of my request. I have enjoyed a weekend of beautiful subtle chiming as I a school teacher who hears noise all week long — I like the subtle part! Your product is beautiful — it not only looks lovely on the window, but it touches the soul of anyone who is a wind chimes lover like me...Again, Thanks.” -- Chris

"We’ve been buying your Soul Mates at a local art store for several housewarming gifts and a couple of birthdays. They are the best housewarming gift ever. Please don’t stop making them." -- Paula

"This is a great gift!!! I liked mine so much that I bought one for my mother and grandmother” -- Heather

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