Clearance - Gecko Sprite - Dark Sand

Clearance - Gecko Sprite - Dark Sand
This unique Gecko Chime is designed with a sandy finish. The lizards may be assorted. From Maine to California - Washington to Florida, for the reptilian lover wherever you reside.
$64.00 $52.50

DIM: 5-1/2” W x 12-1/2” H

No feeding required! Perched upon a cone-shaped sandy hill, this friendly little creature requires no maintenance except ever-abundant light. As this charming little lizard rests, magical and sometimes mysterious chiming emanates from underneath with specially tuned aluminum rods. Whether upon light sand or dark sand each gecko peeks around its own unique place. It includes the stand for displaying the chime on the desk or tabletop. Any light source will power the center ring to gently strike the chimes indoors. No batteries. No breeze. No electricity. Ever