Welcome to Sunblossom Solar Gifts

2018 Award Winner PlaqueSunblossom Solar Gifts is an award winner. Designated as one of Michigan's "Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies" (2012-2018), it continues to innovate and produce undeniably unique solar powered products. With chiming and movement, the outdoors is brought inside. No wind. No batteries to replace. No fans or electricity. Ever.

All products are delightful and peaceful additions to one's inner spaces. Random, lilting tones drift through the air with the indoor chimes. A colorful flower turns and waves silently and magically within a SoulMate's clasped hands. All items are "light activated." Strong direct sunlight through a window will cause active chiming and spinning. Less light slows them down. Even low evening lamplight will cause occasional activity. With that in mind, their play can be modified by turning the solar cell away from, or toward the light source. Any type of light will do. For nighttime rest, the chime will not work. No light, no chiming!

Sunblossom’s "Green” initiative has been a part of the company’s philosophy from the start.